About Us


It started 15 years ago when a client advised Mr. Mike Gamez, the CEO and founder of Cleeneco to consider cleaning services. Armed with the desire to start his own business, he started his cleaning service with one cleaner on call. The business grew from word of mouth referrals of satisfied clients. Through time, as the business expanded, Cleeneco opened an opportunity for Franchising. Thus, comes Metropolis Cleaning Services. And as our Managing Director, Mr. Ruben Cardenas believed in the quality of service that the business can offer, we are proud to say that we are a certified Cleeneco partner. All of our staff and cleaners underwent training to provide the same quality service of home cleaning, utilizing eco-friendly products and top of the line deep cleaning machines.


To become the leading deep cleaning service provider in the Philippines and across Asia.


To positively impact the lives of our clients by providing professional premium cleaning service and to provide job opportunities to every dedicated workers, most especially to the out of school youth.


CARE – To genuinely provide CARE to our clients, staff and environment.

EXCELLENCE – To always provide the best quality cleaning service.

INTEGRITY – To always deliver what we promise to do with honesty.